Bored Betta?


Well now that you've had a betta for a few months, you begin to notice that your betta doesn't seem to be as active as he/she once used to be. Your betta just sits there only moving when it's feeding time. Or your betta swims back and forth pacing the tank. The natural reaction that betta owners get when they notice this lack of activity is to think that their betta is "lonely" and decide to get him/her a tankmate. However, this impluse to get a friend for their betta usually leaves the betta and the friend stressed, injured, and possibily dead. The problem isn't that the betta is loney, but is no longer intrigued or interested in his/her tank. After living in the same place, with the same decoration, the same view, and the same routine for so long, bettas (and humans) are bound to get bored. Here are some ways to make your betta active again.


Rearranging the decoration

After having the same plant and castle for its entire life, your betta is probably tired of seeing it and wants something new. It's similar to living in a room where nothing ever changes. The same blanket, the same rugs, the same pictures, the same everything. After a while, life starts to become plain, which is exactly what your betta feels. A new decoration or simply placing an existing one in a new location may be enough to spark some interest in your betta again.

Relocating the tank

By placing the tank in a new location, you provide you betta a new view. This is like looking at the mountains all your life and then having the mountains replaced by the ocean. However, moving the tank may be a problem for heavier aquariums but is great for smaller ones.

Decorating outside the tank

Wait, putting decorations outside the tank? Brilliant! If your tank is too heavy to move, you can place interesting objects outside the betta's tank. You can put colorful stuffed animals, shiny objects, pictures of your other fish, pictures of relatives who look like fish, the list goes on. Every few days, you can place a new object for the betta to explore. Another easy option to cure betta "boredness".

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