Introduction to Betta Care

Oh no! It can't be! It seems you have been the betta bug. Quick, turn back now before it's too late. Ooops, too late. You are now infected with the betta bug. But what is the betta bug? It is when bettas become your life. Their cute personalities get the best of you and soon you start spending more and more time with your betta, soon to be bettas. Maybe, you go the the pet store determined to get only one betta but come out with six. $150 gone but that doesn't bother you. The bettas have you under their spell. Don't worry, the betta bug isn't bad. All it means is that you are a proud betta parent.

History of Bettas

Bettas, or Betta splendens for the scientific folk, came from the South East lands of Siam, modern day Thailand, hence the name Siamese fighting fish. They first became pets around 150 years ago and became very popular. Although mistakenly known for it's ability to live in "tiny puddles", it's actual home is much larger.

Rice paddy

For a more in-depth look into the myths and realities about bettas, visit the Myth vs. Reality page. And now for some quick facts.

Quick Facts
Size 2"-3"
Temperature Prefers 78-82F
pH Range 7.0 is best, but can handle 6.0-7.5
Life Span 3 years or more with good care
Food Carnivorous - picky eater
Water Clean freshwater
Temperment Males are aggressive to other males

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