Slightly Compatible
Fish listed here are suitable to live with a betta with no problems but should be a second priority to the fish listed above.

Neon/cardinal tetras
These tetras share the same water conditions as bettas, low pH, high temp, and soft water. However their colors may cause the betta to become aggressive. Their speed though counters this problem in that they can easily avoid the bettas attack. Additionally, tetras enjoy being in schools so 5+ in a 10gallon tank is necessary for healthy tetras. Make sure to have plenty of hiding places for any fish to escape to.

Plecos (not common pleco)
Plecos make excellent algae eaters but questionable betta tankmates. The only reason why they are are questionable is because of the tank size. Common plecos can get up to 2 feet, the length of a 10 gallon tank. And since most betta owners don't keep their betta in an aquarium more than 10 gallons, common plecos are a no. However, there are some smaller species of plecos. For example, clown plecos, bristlenose plecos, pit bull, and rubber lipped plecos max out at around 5 inches. So one can fit in a 10 gallon tank. Additionally, the armor plating on these algae eaters will protect themselves from any betta aggression.

Feeder/Wild guppies
If you really want to have guppies with your betta, your best bet is to get feeder guppies. Although really inexspensive, they are dull colored so they won't look as vibrant as fancy guppies. This is why the can be housed with bettas. However, because they are sold as feeder fish, many of them will be sick and can transmit whatever disease they have to the betta. As long as you get healthy fish, they should be good tankmates.

Rasboras make good possible tankmates for the same reasons as neon tetras. They enjoy soft water and low pH. And similar to neon tetras, rasboras enjoy being in large groups. One difference between rasboras and tetras is that rasboras are more peaceful than tetras. However, their colors are less virant than those of a neon tetra.

Highly Questionable
Fish listed have been succesfully kept with bettas but are not recommended

Common pleco
The only condition where keeping a common pleco with a betta is even possible, let alone recommended, is if the tank is 30+ gallons, and that's before they're fully grown. Because common plecos can get up to 2 feet in length and produce plenty of waste, a tank of that size is extremely necessary. Unless you really want to house a pleco and betta together and are willing to get a tank 30+ gallons, then I don't recommend getting a common pleco. You can definitely get other types of plecos that stay small, such as clown plecos, bristlenose, and pit bull plecos. Or you can get other bottom feeders such as otos or cories.

Fancy guppies
There are certain requirements you must consider before thinking about housing guppies with a betta.

  1. The betta has to have a peaceful personality
  2. The guppies cannot resemble a betta (female guppies are a better choice
  3. than males)
  4. You must be prepared for the worst
  5. The tank must have plenty of hiding places for injured or stressed fish
Although housing fancy guppies with bettas has been successfully done many times, it doesn't necessarily mean that this combination will work for everyone. Housing guppies with bettas is done at the fish owner's risk. Don't expect that they will all get along just fine.

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