Swimming through a hoop
Difficulty of teaching: 4/5

Description: This trick is one of the hardest trick to teach your betta, but it's also one of the most amazing and satisfying because you're teachinga fish to swim through a hoop on command. It's a great trick to show your family, friends, betta fanatics, etc and when combined with other tricks, you can have your own betta circus. The only material needed for this trick is a pipe cleaner, which you can get at your local craftstore.

To set up the hoop, simply bend the pipe cleaner into a circle with a diameter of 2 inches and hang it on the side of the aquarium. To begin training, have the hoop perpendicular to the side of the aquarium and touching it. Move your finger across the outside of the aquarium in the direction you want your betta to swim through the hoop. Each time he or she swims through the hoop, reward him or her. Repeat this until he or she masters it. Slowly decrease the size of the hoop until it is a little larger than 1 inch in diameter. Remember to take your time and repeat each step if necessary until you're sure that your betta knows what to do. Next, move the hoop farther away from the sides of the aquarium. Once your betta can swim though the hoop in the middle of the aquarium you're done!

To see a video of this trick and other tricks being performed, click here

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