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Fungal Disease Treatment

Last edited - December 8, 2018

The best way to keep fungal infections at bay is to keep the water clean. If you are breeding egg laying fish such as bettas, sometimes it's fine to add methylene blue to the water as a preventative measure, especially when you are artificially hatching the eggs yourself.

List of medications

  • Mardel Maroxy
  • Methylene Blue


fish fungus

Symptoms: cotton like growth on fish/eggs

Description: Fungus is a secondary infection meaning that it occurs after a fish has been infected by another disease. The fungus then attacks the infected area. It starts off looking as just a gray area but if left untreated develops spores creating the cotton look. Do not confused this with mouth fungus, which is actually a bacterial disease.


Symptoms: lethargic, loss of balance, hollow stomach

Description: Instead of attaching the fish's body from te outside, this disease attacks, the fish's internal organs. Because of this, it is difficult to diagnose this disease. Once the fish beings showing sores on the outside, it is often too late.

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